Lead Management Software Versus CRM

In a recent article, Geoffrey James noted . . .

“It’s people who make innovation spread, not technology.  And with the exception of very simple offerings (like smartphones), it’s not just people…it’s the salespeople who change the world.” (source:  http://www.inc.com/geoffrey-james/innovation-requires-salespeople.html)

That’s a great point!  As a developer of lead management software, VanillaSoft is a big believer in creating technology to help salespeople “change the world.” However, salespeople can’t do that if they aren’t using the right tools, which I pointed out in an earlier post this year (Trying to Hunt with a Shovel).  This article from Geoffrey James on Inc.com pushed me to revisit this topic for today’s post.

What’s the difference between Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software and Lead Management Software?

lead management vs crmThe primary difference is right there in the name:  Customer vs. Lead.

CRM is great for certain sales roles and activities.  With traditional CRM, your account management team can maintain account relationships, process orders, handle support incidents, manage projects, etc.  Traditional CRM is also ideal for providing multiple stakeholders (outside of the sales team) with key customer information.

CRM is great for maintenance of current customers and promotion of organic growth.

What about companies (or consumers) that you would like to have as a customers but they aren’t yet?  What might you call them?  Let’s go with “leads.”  So, if the pre-customer state is “lead,” shouldn’t you have a lead management system to support your sales hunters in doing their jobs?

Developing new business isn’t for the faint of heart.  It’s difficult and it requires different sales skills and different tools than the ones used by account managers.  Lead Management Software empowers sales managers to create campaigns, call scripts lead routing guidelines, disposition codes, email templates and custom reports. Advanced features such as Auto Dialing Software and Call Recording can also increase sales team effectiveness and productivity. Ideally, the Lead Management system will integrate with your corporate CRM program so data can be imported and exported back and forth and support data transfer standards such as CSV or XML posts.

Lead Management Software is great for improving your new sales growth and sales rep prospecting productivity.

Are you empowering your salespeople to change the world? Give them a boost with VanillaSoft – Start your lead management software free trial today.

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