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Check out the new updates on VanillaSoft’s Lead Management Software. New enhancements make our award-winning software even better.

VanillaSoft Fall 2016 Release Notes

We’ve just added texting (SMS) to VanillaSoft, as well as made enhancements to the Credit Card Payment Gateway, Appointment Reminders, Time Zones, Salesforce integration, and Call Scripts.

New Features and Enhancements

We have been working hard to improve VanillaSoft in 2015 and have again released a number of updates and enhancements earlier today. We want to make sure that you know about all of the new capabilities available to you.

The New VanillaSoft

It’s here! Introducing The New VanillaSoft. This is a completely new, modern interface that’s available for all VanillaSoft Pro accounts. We have taken the tabs in the current interface to the next level by creating customizable panels, giving you the flexibility to ensure users have all the needed information and productivity tools readily available to make more sales!

New Features and Enhancements

Not only have we given our old dashboard a new look, we have added the ability for you to build the dashboard of your dreams! You can configure and save multiple dashboard views.

Build Custom Formula Columns
Specify Field Columns and Names
Specify Projects to be Included

De-dupe on Import

In this new Release, we’ve added several great features to our award-winning software; De-dupe on Import, Live Hot Transfers, Other Information Custom Fields, Saved Routing Filters, Pause Scheduled Appointments and Call Backs, and New User Password Requirements.

Customize Caller’s Search, Add and Edit Rights

With the last update you have much more control over the fields available on the caller screen. Admins may now:

Disable Caller’s ability to access the Edit Contact box, Search Contacts box, and Add Contacts box
Limit which fields may be searched and added or edited

Email Drip Campaigns

Enhance your calling efforts by adding an Email Drip behind particular result codes or Last Call Dates. You may even set up emails to go out prior to a custom field date.
Email Drip Campaigns may be filtered down to certain Contacts based on Lead Source, Teams or WebLeads.
To watch our

The release includes:

Enhancement of rule based routing that now allows selecting which contacts each Sub-Rule applies to (e.g. All Contacts, Web Leads, or selected Lead Sources).
Addition of MicroSoft Lync to our list of phone line types that we can dial over.
When utilizing Scripts to collect data, ability

Rule Based Routing With Result Codes

You may now define more complex contact routing using the new Result Action called Rule Based Routing. You may now have a contact route based on:
Total number of contact attempts
Age of the contact in the system (Added Date)
Lead Source or
If the Contact is a WebLead

Google Calendar Synching

VanillaSoft now allows you to sync VanillaSoft calendars and Google calendars automatically. The calendars of VanillaSoft users or external agents in the appointment setting module can now be linked to their Google calendar.